Take Me ToThe King
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This lesson breaks down Take Me to the King by Tamela Mann.

I was asked to learn this song to accompany a very talented singer in the church where I have my music ministry.

While looking on the web for the chord changes the only thing I could find were tutorials where every note of a chord was spelled out i.e. ( Db/ Ab Db Eb F) instead of naming the chord Db add 9 like someone who understood chord theory would notate the chord.

Learning songs note for note, with every note spelled out, may offer the instant sound of the chord but that method offers no understanding on what the chord should be named and how it is used in common chord progressions.

It is much like giving someone a fish instead of teaching them how to fish.

Having said all of that I am going to break down this Take Me to the King piano tutorial in sections and provide a video so you can see how the chords are used to create interesting piano arrangements.

You might find it helpful to listen to Tamela's recording below and pay careful attention to the piano part to help with your ear training.

The piano intro uses four chord all played over a Db in the bass. The chords are Db add 9, Db7, Eb/Db and Gbm/Db in an arpeggiated or broken chord fashion.

The chords for the chorus (Take me to the King....) are similar with the only difference being

Gbmaj7/Db instead of the Eb/Db so the sequence would be Db, Db7, Gb, Gbm all over a Db bass note (unless of course you are playing with a bass player..)

The verses are pretty easy, Two chords for most of the verse with a transition into the chorus.

The two chords are Bbm and Db/Ab

The transistion chords between verses and into the chorus are Ab/C to Db (2x) and Db/F to Gb

There are two bridge sections that happen in the song. The chords for the first one are, /B maj, ( Bbmin, A9),/ Ab11, Gb,/ A9,/ Ab11./

The second bridge uses the chords:/ Bb7 / Ebm7 / Eb7/G / Ab11 /

There is also a scale run in the last chorus that you can see as well as the timing for the chords in the video below.

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