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4 Steps to Learning How to Play Any Song on the Piano

1. Determining the melody - Melodies determine what chords will be played. If you can use your ear to figure out what notes are being played in the melody, you are 1/4 on your way to learning a song! More resources on learning how to determine melodies

2.Harmonizing the melody - Once you have figured out the melody (using some of my techniques on the resource page), it is time to harmonize it. This is simply choosing various chords to accompany the melody. There are several techniques and tricks to doing this. More resources on learning how to harmonize melodies

3. Altering Chords - This is the best part! Now that you have strategically figured out the melody to a song and have harmonized it, altering your chords to produce certain sounds is the next step. If you were playing gospel music, you would alter your chords differently than if you were playing classical or country music. More resources on altering chords

4. Listening - After you have determined the melody, harmonized the melody, and altered some of your chords, there are various techniques you can use to make sure that your song sounds right. More resources on listening techniques

I personally recommend "The Secrets to Playing Piano By Ear" 300-pg Course and through my relationship with Jermaine (the author of this course), I've been able to get him to throw in a few bonus items (3 additional piano software programs). He has taught literally thousands of musicians how to play the piano by ear. If you understood just half of what he discussed above, you'll definitely benefit from his 300-pg course. Click here to learn the secrets to playing absolutely any song on the piano in virtually minutes! I highly recommend it.

I've loved music ever since I was a child. That was a long time ago. My parents invited friends to the house to sit around the piano and " Sing along with Mitch" ( for those of you old enough to remember!)

My dutiful parents also gave me Clarinet and piano lessons in grade school neither of which were particularly enjoyable as I remember.

I loved to sing and was very fortunate to have excellent vocal training from the choir director at my church from kindergarten right through adulthood.

In the early 60's I watched the Beatles make their US debut on Ed Sullivan and I knew then I wanted to play music.

My Dad assisted me in getting my first electric Guitar and taught me a few chords and I was on my way.

I had already given up on the clarinet and my early piano lessons were unsuccessful as my ears was better than my eyes and I did not take well to reading music.

At the age of 13 I took the few chords I had learned on guitar and joined a band.

I was not much of a guitarist and gravitated to the Hammond organ instead and seemed to flourish in the role of keyboard player.

I continued to work playing keyboards in various bands and after High School decided to get some formal education and attended Berklee College of Music in Boston Mass.

I studied the piano and arranging and composition while continuing to travel around the country and the world sowing my wild oats as a young performer.

In between concerts, pubs, cruise ships and weddings I worked in the musical instrument sales business and became well educated by all the major keyboard keyboard manufacturers on keyboards and synthesizers.

On Sundays I assisted at church with praise and worship bands and special music.

I also spent a lot of time educating and teaching people from 8 to 80 on how to play the piano and how to learn to play by ear.

About teaching.....

The one thing I learned while teaching hundreds of students is that not everyone learns in the same way. And not every one wants to learn to be a classical concert pianist.

Some people learn more by hearing than reading. I learned that when you learn the language and theory of music you are able take the music inside you and express yourself creatively.

I learned that music is not necessarily a bunch of dots on a page but that it comes from inside us all...from the heart and the mind.

Learning to play the piano gave me a decent income allowed me to see places and meet people all over the world. I had a lot of fun but, mistakenly thinking I would never grow old, I neglected to take care of my financial future and save for retirement.

So I decided to do something about it. I considered teaching again as I have settled down in a small city but no matter how many students (hours) the small local market could provide I knew it would not be enough for me to retire. and to tell you the truth, I would much rather be playing and writing and recording music at this point in my life. Not to mention lying on the beach!

I finally was speaking to a friend of mine who had created  sizable income from his information based web site and asked him if it were something he thought I could do.

He told me in detail that he had spent a lot of time, money and effort to get to the income level he enjoyed. He told me it would be work but with help it was possible even though I knew nothing about building a website and generating traffic.

He recommended that I look into a company that could save me a lot of headaches and that if I was willing to work at it that even I , with no knowledge of how to generate income through an information site could get it done.

He recommended SBI as an integrated set of tools and a vast knowledge base of helpful other successful web builders and the rest is history.

I dug into the information and decided I liked the idea of having a business dedicated to my love for teaching and music. A business that would travel with me and provide income even while I slept.

As a result of that decision, with the help of SBI I started piano lessons for life.com and now, after quite a bit of labor an love I have a continuously growing second income.

On top of that, the thing that really thrills me at this stage in life is that I am helping so many people from all over the globe to receive the many benefits and joys that the gift of music and playing offers.

SBI stands for Solo Build It! and helps you to turn any hobby, passion or skill into a viable online business. You probably don't even realize that almost any topic can make money with a website.

If you are a musician or artist like me and want to spend more time with your craft and less at your "day job" than you may be interested in reading my site sell review. Solo Build It could change your life. It did mine!

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