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Piano software comes in dozens of different categories at as many different price points. There are programs for absolute beginners, intermediate players and advanced players as well.

There are also programs the focus on different styles such as Gospel piano, Jazz piano, Jazz improvisation, blues piano to mention a few.

With all these choices available many of my visitors asked two questions.

Can I really learn to play using piano software? and

Which one is right for me??

The Answers.

Can you really learn to play with software alone?

To be honest I must admit that I learned to play piano before the age of personal computers when the only piano software was holes punched into paper player piano roles.

I learned a bit through private lessons with traditional teachers, by experimenting at the piano, by watching friends that had the time to show me what they knew and finally be deciding to go to music school.

As a teacher I believe that learning styles and individual goals vary from student to student and no one teaching method is right for everyone but the right software teaching aid can speed you well on your way to realizing your musical goals.

Piano software has improved so much over the last few years that after reviewing dozens of programs available I can safely say that they are a valuable tool to achieve quick results at the keyboard.

While looking at you options you will find choices will vary.

Some options come with their own MIDI keyboard controller and others will give you a choice between CD/DVDs and a digital download of the material.

Some of the better better software programs offer online enhancements ranging from technical support and forums, to digital downloads of bonus songs and lessons.

With a little research you will find something to fit your learning goals and time schedule.

Piano Software: What to Look For

Why do you want to study the piano?

Maybe you want to play popular tunes to entertain and amaze your friends and family.

Do you already play some and want to take it to the next level?

Perhaps you learned to read music and now want to master the skill of improvising with chord methods.

Asking yourself questions like these will help you choose the right product for you.

Five Points to Consider.

While the quality and quantity of content will vary from program to program there are 5 basic things to look for.

Solid fundamentals

A good program should give you a solid foundation to learn the basic theory of music as well as how to apply that theory to actual technique at the piano.

I recommend a method that stresses a good knowledge of chords as well as the basics of how to read music with traditional notation.


In a good software package look for other features and benefits such as play along tracks, video and audio lessons and printable materials.

A great program will have really solid features like this that will make learning more fun and add to the speed in which you can learn.

Practice Tools

The best piano software learning programs will include some sort of "play along" tracks, multi-track practicing options, metronomes, glossaries, and some way of tracking your progress such as interactive tests and games.

Look for the features that are most important to you before purchasing your software.

Ease of Use

If you get stuck with troubles downloading from a website it can be a real downer.

Installing the software or downloading the product from a website should be easy to understand and manage.

Help &Support

Unless you are a computer genius, it is essential to have a good technical support system to contact when there is a glitch in the software or even your computer.

Unfortunately, it is just a matter of time before you’ll need some help in this department so make sure you aren’t sacrificing good support for just to save a couple of bucks.

Reasons to choose Piano Software include:

Do Something!

Don't sit on the sidelines. Every time I make a new purchase related to my music I make progress. There is something motivating about actually spending a little hard earned cash that adds to my motivation to make progress and get every bit of value from my purchase.

Take lessons in your own home and on your own schedule
Progress at your own pace.

Choose a style and goals right for you – classical or jazz or chord methods.

You can save money with one product as opposed to weekly private lessons that can add up to hundreds of dollars a year. This will allow you to get quality lessons while you decide if you are going to stick with it.

Read Reviews here..

I am in the process of reviewing many piano software courses at the request of my online students and as I complete the reviews you will find them here.

Rocket Piano.

One of the longest and best selling programs and perhaps the least expensive way to get a solid start on playing the piano for adults.

Hear and Play

Perhaps the best all around methods to learn to play by ear.

This is a great program if you already have a bit of keyboard knowledge and are interested in learning different styles like Jazz, Latin and especially Gospel.

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