Arranger Keyboard Overview

If you are considering the purchase of an arranger keyboard or would like to find out more about what makes an these keyboards unique than I know you will find this article very helpful.

I want to start off by saying that I have been playing professionally, teaching, and selling this category of keyboards for longer than I can remember.

I find them ideal for quite a few reasons which I will go into in some detail so you may be better able to decide for yourself if an arranger is right for you.

If you already own one and want to make better use of all the features available on most models you will find links to many "how to" tutorials.

Arranger vs. Workstation What is the difference?

The single biggest difference between an arranger and a workstation is the presence of a variety usable musical styles that can be accessed and played using a basic knowledge of chords.

On arrangers one can choose a style or genre such as Rock, Pop, Country, etc.., Play a simple chord and trigger all the instruments, (drums, bass, guitars, horns etc. ) that would be normally associated with that style of music.

This feature can be especially useful to a variety of keyboard enthusiasts from the very basic beginner to a seasoned professional like myself.

The good news about this category of keyboard instruments is that they come in perhaps the largest variety of models and a price range for any purse. 

The higher the price the better the quality of sounds and styles and playable features.

Here are my reasons for spending 4,000 on an arranger keyboard.

(Just bought a Korg PA3x as seen at the top of the page)

1. Play with the band

Arranger keyboards allow you to experience playing with a band without the work of getting a bunch of musicians together who know how to play a variety of types of music. (your keyboard is always on-time and sober.), a real help when you are playing professionally.

2. Instant gratification.

Even a beginner can sound great right away. I find that this ability to sound like a whole band will keep beginner students motivated and excited about playing and improving.

3. Inspiration

If you are a songwriter you may find that you can start playing a common chord progression using your favorite available style and instantly hear how your creation may sound with full orchestration!

4. Recording Studio in a box...

Korg, Yamaha, Roland and other manufacturers will often put studio quality recording, effects, vocal processors, capability into their high end arrangers.

In my case with the Korg PA3x, I can record instantly to MP3 with complete with vocal harmonies! And I can do it in my Hotel Room when I am on the road!

If you want a closer look at the Korg PA3x arranger keyboard use this link. Korg PA3x 76 review.

Why am I telling you this??

Two reasons..

One because I truly believe if you are like me and want to make performance a priority than an arranger keyboard will make a lot of sense!

The second reason is that I am truly excited about my new instrument purchase and I intend to share the learning experience with my readers...that you...

Hope you will check back for weekly links to how to tutorials on the PA3x that will help you get more music out of your keyboard no matter what model you have.

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Korg PA3x Tutorials

Simple music arranging on the PA3x

Creating a custom song list on the PA3x

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