Music Careers

If you are thinking about music careers or a job as a musician this is a great place to start.

Let's face it, not everyone is cut out to be a rock star but there are lots of great ways to make money with your skill as a musician or keyboard artist.

There are really quite a lot of music careers available. Perhaps more than might at first seem obvious.

I have had experience as a professional performer having formed and performed in dozens of musical acts and have made a living doing it.

I have worked extensively in the professional musical instrument market as a buyer and sales rep for many of the best keyboard manufacturers.

I have also worked as a music educator in various capacities as well and can give you some great insights as to how to generate income in these areas.

By exploring the links below you will find great information on these and a variety of other exciting and rewarding music careers.

Playing Keyboards in a Band.

These two articles will give you some valuable information on the differences between playing solo piano and playing keyboards within the context of a band as well as tips of finding work in a performance band.

Play keyboards in a band

How to Form a Band

Music careers in Writing and Production.

Find general information on becoming an Arranger, producer, orchestrator, composer, film scorer/composer, jingle writer, songwriter, transcriber, copyist, or conductor by exploring the link below.
Careers in Music Business and Management.

If you and not performance inclined you might consider a career as an advertising executive, booking agent, business manager, field merchandiser, music publisher, personal manager. professional manager. For more info click below.

Careers in Music Production & Engineering.

Explore the possibility of becoming a MIDI engineer, music director, producer, program director, recording engineer, studio director or manager. For more info on these possible paths click below

Explore a music production career
more music production careers....

Careers in Film Scoring.

Some career options covered in this article are Film composer, music editor, music supervisor/director, film arranger/adapter, film conductor, film music orchestrator, synthesis specialist, theme specialist.

Careers in Electronic Production and Design.

Find out more about being a MIDI technician, programmer, performing synthesist, music sequencer, or sound designer.

Careers in Music Education.

You can earn good money as a Choir director, college/conservatory/university music educator, elementary school music teacher, music supervisor, private instructor, or secondary school music teacher. Check out the link below.

Careers in Record Companies.

A&R administrator, A&R coordinator, campus representative, consumer researcher, director of publicity, marketing representative, public relations counselor, publicist, regional sales manager.

How about Music Therapy?

Some questions answered in this article are ,What is music therapy? Is music therapy a good career possibility for me? What career opportunities are available for music therapists? Where do music therapists work?

Careers in Songwriting.

Composer, jingle writer, lyricist, producer/songwriter, singer/performing songwriter, staff or freelance songwriter are some topics covered in this article.

Careers in Tours/Road Work. Have fun and make money as a road manager, sound technician, tour coordinator, or tour publicist.

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