Understanding piano chords and how to use them.

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Ready to learn everything about chords?

These lessons on piano chords include how to locate any chord on the piano or electronic keyboard, and how to use them in playing and writing music on the piano.

You will understand chord construction, common and advanced chord progressions and specific exercises and tricks to make moving from one chord to another a breeze.

A good understanding of keyboard chords opens the door to playing music like the professionals. This lesson requires and understanding of major scale construction.

Why do we study keyboard chords?

Learning piano with any " keyboard chords system" is not new. I have seen lots of advertisements on the net implying that it is some sort of magic way to play like professional keyboard players.

While it is true that most all professional players understand and use chords in their playing, their is nothing "magic" about it.

Most of what you will learn from me will be similar to what I learned at Berklee College of Music in Boston Mass.

I was an arranging and composition major there in the 70's. That education focused heavily on knowing and playing keyboard chords with both hands.

I paid thousands of dollars for a great education and I am thrilled to be able to give that information to you here in these pages for free!!

Allow me to stress the importance of knowing and using piano chords.

Of all the lessons on music contained on these pages the study of chords and the muscle memory you will develop as you practice and play them is perhaps the most important.

Take your time and come back to these pages often. Believe me the knowledge and the exercises will pay off as you progress.

If you are a beginner, click on the first link below to begin a study of major chords.

The lessons build on one another and as always I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or need any extra coaching. I am here to help! You might want to consider making me your... Personal Piano Professor

piano chords part one....major chords

With this free lesson you will learn how to find and play any of the 12 major chords on you keyboard!

chord inversions and how to use them

A great lesson on understanding chord inversions and some helpful exercises to help with being able to swiftly find any chord on the piano.

Piano Chord inversions

At little more in depth look at piano chord inversions!!

learn all the chord formulas here

This free lesson includes the formulas for all of the commonly used chords you will find while learning you favorite songs.

Diatonic chords...an introduction to chord progressions

A great introduction to understanding the common chord patterns used in most music.

Slash Chords... What they are and how to use them

Slash chords are used to identify chord inversion, define a bass line, and to help notate chord extensions

Jazz Piano Chords

To learn to play jazz piano chords you will need to learn about chord extensions and how to play them using jazz chord voicings
In this lesson you will learn what these chord "extensions" sometimes called "tensions" are and where and how to use them.

Rootless Voicings in piano Jazz Chords

In its simplest terms a rootless voicing is just a chord with out a root.It is common practice for most pianists to omit the root from their voicings because they are usually playing with a bass player.

Tritones and tritone substitutions

Tritone substitution is not difficult to understand and once you begin to use this harmonic device it adds a lot of options to your musical pallet.

Arpeggios or broken chords and how to use them

Make your playing "sizzle" when you learn how and when to use this lesson on arpeggios. Increase you finger dexterity and versatility. 

Major 7th chords

In this lesson my goal is to teach you a little more about major 7th chords, how to form them, and where and when to use them.

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