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"How Great Thou Art"

Piano Songs, How Great Thou Art

In this Piano Songs lesson we will learn this beloved spiritual classic song "How Great Thou Art". This lesson will reenforce knowledge of the I-IV and V chords in common progressions, and the basics of voice leading between chords.

About the song.

"How Great Thou Art" is a Christian hymn based on a Swedish poem written by Carl Gustav Boberg (1859–1940) in Sweden in 1885.

The melody is derived from a Swedish folk song and was translated into English by British missionary Stuart K. Hine. who also added an additional two verses to the song.

It was popularized by George Beverly Shea and Cliff Barrows during the Billy Graham crusades.

"How Great Thou Art" was ranked second (after "Amazing Grace") on a list of the favorite hymns of all time in a survey by Today's Christian magazine in 2001.

The Melody.

In order to help you develop your ear we will leave the melody up to you.

My guess is that if you are on this lesson you most likely already have this simple melody in your head.

If not you can use your favorite search engine to find hundreds of versions or watch the video below for some help.

Developing the ability to pick out melodies on the piano takes trial and error and a bit of practice but if you start with simple melodies you will find you will progress quickly your goal of playing by ear.

The Chords.

For the chords in this song we will be using the I-IV and V chords in the key of C or C major, F major , and G major.

For more lessons and help with getting feel for the chords check out the video on common chord progressions and chord inversions.

Once you feel comfortable moving from on chord to another with these three simple chords you are ready to play literally hundreds if not thousands of popular songs.

The chord chart below shows the chord progression for "How Great Thou Art" in its most basic form.

In the video below I will show you how to use these three simple chords to play this classic song and I will also show you a little bit about how to add some color and flair using broken chords and a few extra tricks.

I hope this lesson and video helped you with "How Great Thou Art". Once again using simple songs to show keyboard skills is a great way to learn.

If you have a song you would like to see featured in a lesson you can contact me and let me know. It is my desire to give you want you need and want to make your piano skills develop.

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