Adult Piano Lesson Fundamentals
lesson 2

In your first adult piano lesson we covered a lot of ground and it is in your best interest to take all the time you need to digest the material.

Remember that getting a solid handle on the basics will serve you well as we progress together to reach your goal. 

You should have an understanding of these points from lesson one before moving on:

1. How to sit at the piano or keyboard

2. Basic hand position

3. Finger numbers

4. The names of all the keys ( white and black )

5. How to make a basic three note chord with both hands

6. and a little bit about improvisation!!!

Quite a big chunk of information so again pace yourself and have fun but get the basics!

Adult piano lesson two:

In this lesson and video we will cover some more fundamentals and give you your first little ditty to play with both hands.

1. The basics of how to read music

2. We will cover learning what a major scale is and why it is so important to learn about how to find them on the keyboard.

3. How to move from one chord to another easily.

4. How to play a simple melody with the right hand and simple chords in the left hand.

Reading music basics

What you will learn here.

Although these lessons are geared toward the "play by ear" student, if you want to become a well rounded musician and accelerate your understanding of piano theory you will want to learn at least the basics of how to read treble clef music and chord symbols.

Free How to Read Music lessons provide the basic knowledge of music notation, which will allow you to explore thousands of songs written for piano or electronic keyboard.

Music notation lessons cover the treble clef, the bass clef, the music staff , key signatures, time signatures, note duration and basic fingering rules for the piano.

 Click here for the full lesson on How to Read Music 

Understanding Music Scales and the 12 Major Scales. part one

An understanding of music scales and the major scale in particular is one of the most important single concepts to understand as we continue to study the basic music theory required to get the most out of your experience playing piano or electronic keyboards.

To complete adult piano lesson fundamentals lesson two you should take time to digest the material in this 2 part lesson on half steps, whole steps and the major scale formula.

Piano Chord Inversions: 

To play your first song with both hands you will need to know a little about chord inversions which for now is just an easy way to move from one chord to another with you left hand.

In this lesson on piano chord inversions we will learn about what a chord inversion is, why they are important to learn and most importantly how we can take this valuable knowledge and transfer it to our fingers in the easiest way possible.

Click here for the full lesson on Piano Chord Inversions.

How to read treble clef sheet music.

To get ready for playing the first few songs in our lesson series you will need to know a little bit about how the read what we call "speed music" or "fake music", which utilizes the treble clef, with chord symbols placed above the melody to indicate where and when to play the chords.

Your first little song is a familiar little melody call "Marianne" and all you need to know to play it is contained in this lesson on How to read Treble Clef sheet music.

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