Silver Bells piano tutorial

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"Silver Bells" was first performed by Bob Hope and Marilyn Maxwell in the motion picture The Lemon Drop Kid, filmed in July–August 1950 and released in March 1951.

The first recorded version was by Bing Crosby and Carol Richards, released by Decca Records in October 1950. 

 After the Crosby and Richards recording became popular, Hope and Maxwell were called back in late 1950 to refilm a more elaborate production of the song.

Silver Bells piano tutorial

This song is really pretty easy to learn. All the chords are diatonic to the key of C except for the II 7 chord (D7). 

Silver Bells is one of my favorite secular Christmas Songs and is an example of how effective simple melodies and chord changes can be.

I included the Martina McBride version of this song to make the point that these simple classic songs will remain popular throughout the ages and are a must have in any keyboardists songbook.

If you want to print out the chords you can see instructions on the video tutorial  below.

About the chords....

I really like this song because the melody and the chords work well together and provide the opportunity to play with different harmonizations.

If you are not sure of any of the chords you can find some help by visiting the lesson on Keyboard Chords and Jazz Piano Chords.

The link to Piano Chords will also guide you through much of the information you can use to figure out any chord in seconds without having to memorize individual notes.

As usual I have left out the melody as training your ear requires listening and picking out the melody for yourself! Just do it. It gets easier as you go along.

Also be sure to watch the tutorial video at the bottom of the page and oh yeah, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas friends!

City sidewalks busy sidewalks .

Dressed in holiday style

In the air there's a feeling of Christmas

Children laughing, People passing

Meeting smile after smile

And on every street corner you'll hear

Silver bells silver bells

It's Christmas time in the city

Soon it will be Christmas day

Strings of street lights, Even stop lights

Blink a bright red and green

As the shoppers rush

home with their treasures

Hear the snow crunch, See the kids rush

This is Santa's big scene

And above all this bustle You'll hear

Silver bells, silver bells

It's Christmas time in the city

Ring-a-ling, hear them ring

Soon it will be Christmas day

4 Steps to Learning How to Play Any Song on the Piano

1. Determining the melody - Melodies determine what chords will be played. If you can use your ear to figure out what notes are being played in the melody, you are 1/4 on your way to learning a song! More resources on learning how to determine melodies

2.Harmonizing the melody - Once you have figured out the melody (using some of my techniques on the resource page), it is time to harmonize it. This is simply choosing various chords to accompany the melody. There are several techniques and tricks to doing this. More resources on learning how to harmonize melodies

3. Altering Chords - This is the best part! Now that you have strategically figured out the melody to a song and have harmonized it, altering your chords to produce certain sounds is the next step. If you were playing gospel music, you would alter your chords differently than if you were playing classical or country music. More resources on altering chords

4. Listening - After you have determined the melody, harmonized the melody, and altered some of your chords, there are various techniques you can use to make sure that your song sounds right. More resources on listening techniques

I personally recommend "The Secrets to Playing Piano By Ear" 300-pg Course and through my relationship with Jermaine (the author of this course), I've been able to get him to throw in a few bonus items (3 additional piano software programs). He has taught literally thousands of musicians how to play the piano by ear. If you understood just half of what he discussed above, you'll definitely benefit from his 300-pg course. Click here to learn the secrets to playing absolutely any song on the piano in virtually minutes! I highly recommend it.

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