Piano Finger Exercises

If you are interested in taking your playing to the next level and increasing your finger speed, dexterity and accuracy then I recommend you take the time to digest all the information in this lesson on piano finger exercises.

I get called on quite often to play with area bands and in church in part because I have developed the ability to quickly learn and play most songs knowing only the key of the song.

All the lessons on this website are designed to help you develop the skill of playing by ear.

Many of my students want to know how to get their fingers to move quickly and fluidly and to play various scales, runs , licks and solos over various chord changes.

Gaining this skill is not magic and is available to anyone who has the desire.

An important part of this is learning time tested piano finger exercises that will instantly improve your muscle memory and dexterity

So if you are serious, you will do well to watch the video I have provided below.

In this short video I will demonstrate a couple of easy piano finger exercises that pianists have been using for years to get their fingers to glide easily over the keyboard and play melodic phrases.

After you watch this video I urge you to click the link below the video to learn some more great tips and discover the absolute best way available to devlope lightning speed at the keyboard

Watch this video presentation for more tips and exercises!!

piano finger exercises

The written exercises below will give you the fingering to start with each of the first two exercises.

Dear Musician,

If you want to learn the secrets to fast, precise playing, I've found exactly what you're looking for.

Hear and Play's "Perfect Practice" dvd shows you how to use Hanon finger execises to increase your hand and finger speed, dexterity, coordination, independence, agility, accuracy, and more.

Many students report phenomenal results after applying just the FIRST exercise to their practice routine.

Be warned: There's nothing "new" about hanon exercises. In fact, they were devised over 100 years ago by Charles-Louis Hanon.

But up until now, they've only been usedby classical players who can read sheetmusic and are extemely intimid

Click here for an awesome video presentation!!

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