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Personal Piano Professor, Issue#008 --Teach Yourself Piano and Chord Inversions
January 13, 2013
Hello again!!

You can teach yourself piano and chord inversions

Hello to all my Keyboard friends!

Hope you have all been practicing and making progress with your playing.

Teach Yourself Piano

Then answer to the question "Can you teach yourself piano" is absolutely Yes! with perhaps a few exceptions. Surely if you want to be a concert pianist and play difficult classical music you will need years and years of study and lots of quality instruction.

However if your goal is to play popular music for fun and enrichment, play in a band, or you just want to impress your friends then get started by reading this article

Teach Yourself Piano

Chord Inversions

This free lesson on chord inversions will teach you how to form any chord from any position on the keyboard. You will learn the best way to move form any chord to another with the least amount of hand movement.

I have added some video to this lesson on Chord Inversions.

Chord Inversions

I want to remind you that many of the ideas for lessons come from those of you who contact me with questions. I encourage you to let me know what you need.

I am grateful for all of you, and wish you the best success in your playing!!

Thanks, Greg

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