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Personal Piano Professor, Issue#002 -- Gospel Piano and Amazing Grace
September 03, 2012
Hello Friends

Whats New At Personal Piano Professor

Hello to all my Keyboard Friends!

Thank you for visiting you Personal Piano Professor Website!

In response to requests for more on playing Gospel piano I have posted two new pages on the website.

One of them discusses how to play hundreds of Gospel favorites by just learning three fundamental elements.

Three fundamentals.

If you are a beginner you will need to know a little bit about melodies which are derived from music scales You will also need to know some basic skills on the subject of harmony which will come from your study of piano chords. The third element of all styles of gospel music is the root motion or the bass which will also come from you study of chords and inversions.

That may sound like a lot but it is really easier than you think. If you are a beginner take a few seconds to hear a three step audio demo of how these three elements come together without years of study.

Apply the fundamentals.

By learning about melodies and as few as three chords and a little about bass motion you will be able to apply this knowledge to hundreds of gospel songs no matter what the style.

The bottom line is If you learn to MASTER SMALL CHORD PATTERNS, you can literally play HUNDREDS of worship songs by ear...

Listen to a brief lesson and demonstration by Minister Jermaine Griggs.

Amazing Grace

As promised, I have posted a lesson with an 8 minute video on how to play Amazing Grace on the piano.

It is estimated that this well loved American gospel song is performed over 10 million times each year.

After experiencing the grace and love of God, John Newton, a former slave trader was converted to Christianity and in 1772 penned the lyrics to this timeless classic hymn.

He wanted to deliver the message that forgiveness and redemption is possible regardless of the sins people commit and that the soul can be delivered from despair through the mercy of God.

To learn this timeless classic Gospel song click on the link below.

Learn Amazing Grace Here!

That about does it for this edition of Personal Piano Professor.

Once again I want to thank you for choosing to subscribe and I want to encourage you to stay in touch and let me know how I can help.

I take you requests and suggestions seriously and I am here to help you get the most from your playing experience.

Use the contact forms on the website to ask your questions and request new lessons!!

There are many more videos that can only be seen exclusively at the site so be sure to check them out.

Lastly I am taking requests to give video lessons on specific songs YOU want to learn.

Please contact me to suggest a song you want to learn to play!

Until next time keep practicing and have FUN!!!!

Yours, Gregory

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