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Personal Piano Professor, Issue#003 -- Half Steps, Whole Steps and the Major Scale
September 21, 2012
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Just finished updating some important information for beginners at Piano Lessons for Life.

Two easy to understand concepts that unlock the key to learning how to use major scales.

An understanding of music scales and the major scale in particular is one of the most important single concepts to understand as we continue to study the basic music theory required to get the most out of your experience playing piano or electronic keyboards.

Half Steps and Whole Steps

This first concept, learning to recognize half steps and whole step is important because they are the basic building blocks of not just major scales but all types of scales and chords.

View the lesson and video here.

Major Scales, a simple Formula

The second concept is one simple formula which when learned will enable you to figure out and see all twelve major scales. Knowing this one simple formula saves you from having to memorize all the notes.

View the lesson and video here.

That about does it for this edition of Personal Piano Professor.

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