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Personal Piano Professor, Issue#015 --Play I Can Only Imagine on Piano
May 20, 2013
Hello again!!

You can play I Can Only Imagine on Piano!

Hi every one.

Once again , thank you for your interest in these free online lessons. I sincerely hope that you are experiencing all the great benefits learning to play keyboards has to offer.

Special thanks to all of you who have taken the time to write in and ask questions and offer suggestions.

Play I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe

MercyMe is a contemporary Christian group, and this song was written by their lead singer Bart Millard. In this song, Millard imagines what it will be like meeting Jesus for the first time.

This song is easy to learn and like so many others can be played using three basic chords.

I chose this song for a lesson by for a few reasons.

This song won the Song of the Year award at the 2002 Dove awards and is still on the top of the praise music charts in 2013 so it was no suprise to me that I would get a lot of requests from visitors for a lesson using this song.

Another reason is that it is in a different key ( Key of E major), than some of the other lessons and it is important to get comfortable as a pianist playing in different keys.

You will find that if you play with guitarists they tend quite often to write and play in the key of E as it allows them to use the Open Low E string among other reasons.

Like I've told you there are thousands of songs that use only three chords (I, IV, V) and this is one of them with one small addition of the VI minor at the end.

So in the key of E major we will be using the chords E major to A major for the verse. A maj, B maj E maj for the chorus and finally at the end of the song the addition of a C# minor chord used in the outro.

For the Complete lesson and video click the link below.

Play I Can Only Imagine

Use Arpeggios to add flair!

I added new video to a lesson on arpeggios. You know, those broken chords that run up and down the keyboard. Anyway the lesson and video will help you with some useful exercises and all you have do to is click on the link below...

Arpeggios or broken chords and how to use them

The Best Home Study Course for Learning Gospel Piano

I'm so excited to be writing you about a new resource that will help you learn worship music by ear. As you know, it's very hard to find materials on gospel music, so when I find out about resources like this, I just have to let my subscribers know!

My good friend Jermaine Griggs over at just contacted me about his new worship course, GospelKeys 202 Special Edition - "Mastering Worship Chords," which tens of thousands have already reserved.

Not only is it almost five hours (...that's one of the longest I've seen for a gospel course), but it is packed with tons of worship chords, progressions, songs (like "Anointing," "As the Deer," "Thank You Lord," and more), and tons of concepts like "coupling," his "3-4" principle on how to predict what chords come next in worship songs, and special sections dedicated to ear-training and chord recognition. That's actually only the beginning of it.

He covers a systematic way to play worship songs. In other words, he takes you through a song learning process that will enable you not only to learn the songs he shows you step by step, but to master literally tons of worship songs (because most worship songs follow the same basic patterns as you'll see)!

So if you're a church musician and have been struggling to play worship music --- or, if you're an accomplished musician and just want to learn more chords and concepts, I highly recommend that you check out his course.

You can get more information at:

Hear and Play Gospel

I want to remind you that many of the ideas for lessons come from those of you who contact me with questions. I encourage you to let me know what you need.

Also you can find a contact form on the site and suggest a song for a future lesson. Don't be shy. Let me know how i can help!!

I am grateful for all of you, and wish you the best success in your playing!!

Thanks, Greg

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