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Personal Piano Professor, Issue #001 -- Whats New
August 20, 2012

Whats New At Personal Piano Professor

Hello to all my Keyboard Friends!

Thank you for visiting you Personal Piano Professor Website!

First of all for those of you who were unsuccessful getting to your first free lesson I have removed the password and you can get to the free lessons the link below. No password required!

First Adult Piano Lesson

Second I have added a lot of new videos on select lessons on the website.

If you have not visited lately you will want to wander around the site and check out the new material. Sometimes reading a written lesson is not enough.

I always did better by watching a short demonstration and see a concept actually applied to the keyboard.

For example here is a short clip on the 12 Bar Blues Progression.

12 Bar Blues Video Click Here

There are many more videos that can only be seen exclusively at the site so be sure to check them out.

Lastly I am taking requests to give video lessons on specific songs YOU want to learn. In the next issue of Personal Piano Professor I will cover a lesson on the Gospel classic "Amazing Grace" which had been suggested by several of our subscribers.

Please contact me to suggest a song you want to learn to play!

Until next time keep practicing and have FUN!!!!

Yours, Gregory

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