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Personal Piano Professor, Issue#114 -Chord Inversions
April 23, 2019
Hello Friends!

Learn chord inversions and how to use them.

Hello fellow players,

Why are chord inversions important to learn?

If you only learn your chords in root position than you will spend a lot of time and motion jumping around the keyboard looking for the next root position chord to play with your left hand.

By using "voice leading" and finding the closest inversion of the "next" chord in your progression your playing will become more fluid and harmonically pleasing.

Click the link below for a great video presentation!!!


Learn the 12 bar blues progression on piano."

Learning the 12 bar blues progression is basic to understanding the roots of American popular music.

When you see a group of musicians getting together to play everyone seems to know what to do almost magically.

This is because at one time or another they learned the 12 bar blues progression.

While there are lots of variations of this timeless progression the most common is a three chord 12 measure version explained in this lesson.

The 12 bar Blues for piano

I want to remind you that many of the ideas for lessons come from those of you who contact me with questions. I encourage you to let me know what you need.

Also you can find a contact form on the site and suggest a song for a future lesson. Don't be shy. Let me know how i can help!!

I am grateful for all of you, and wish you the best success in your playing!!

Thanks, Greg

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