more Music production careers explained...

If you are considering music production careers here are a few more possibilities to explore. This article will discuss more possible career paths and the knowledge and skills you will need to be successful.

Gospel Music Training Center

A gospel music gift is a horrible thing to waste...

Are you an aspiring or working gospel musician who desires to finally take your piano or organ playing to the next level once and for all?

Do you feel like the chords you learned years ago are no longer adequate to keep up with where gospel music has gone? Do you want to learn more advanced and contemporary ways to approach songs?

Would you like to improve your hymns, worship, praise songs, shouting music, and CCM playing?

If you can answer YES to any of these questions, we would like to invite you to take an online tour of The Gospel Music Training Center.

Founded by, the world-renowned Gospel Music Training Center is the longest-running training platform online (since August 2000) and has helped tens of thousands of gospel musicians cultivate, unlock, and skyrocket the musical gifts and talents God has given them! And you can be next!

We're the same company that brought you the first-ever Jason White & Mike Bereal dvds and have featured a host of renowned gospel musicians like Eddie Brown and David Jackson on our courses and broadcasts.

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Gospel Music Training Center

Acoustic Consultant

If you have good ears, and have a technical interest in how sound travels in a given space then you might be interested in becoming an acoustic

Spaces such as churches, concert halls, conventions halls, stadiums and clubs all need sound reinforcement and help designing a workable sound system.

As an acoustical consultant you would provide an acoustical analysis of a particular space, look for acoustical problems, and make suggestions for equipment or interior design changes that would fix any problems. More music production careers include......

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Recording Equipment Manufacturer's Representative

There is a lot of competition among manufacturers of recording and sound equipment and manufacturers are looking for quality people to represent them with the buying public.

Working closely with these manufacturers the representative often works in a customer service and technical support role.

They will also represent the company at trade shows as a product demonstrator and will usually have a strong musical background and good playing ability as a musician.

Rerecording Mixer (Film and Video)

Lets' say a film or business wants to use a particular song for a commercial or movie.

They will often rerecord the song or composition again to avoid having to negotiate and pay a sometimes rather large master-licensing fee to a record label for use of the actual (master) recording.

By recording the song again , they only have to pay the mechanical licensing fee, which is a rate that is established by the U.S. government (currently, 8.0¢ per song, per unit that is five minutes and under in length, and 1.55¢ for each minute above five minutes) and is much cheaper than a master-licensing fee.

Therefore, a rerecording mixer for film and video rerecords a song or composition that already has been commercially released.

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