Korg PA3x Custom List tutorial

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Gospel Music Training Center

Korg PA3x Custom List tutorial

Building a custom list of songs or styles on the Korg PA3x is relatively easy.

In this lesson I will lay out the steps below and also provide you with a video tutorial as well.

1. Open the songbook by pressing the Songbook hard button.

2. In the top right corner of the screen open the drop down menu and check "enable list edit"

3. At the bottom of the screen touch the list edit tab and then press "New List" you will see a blank screen ready to be populated.

4. Press the songbook tab and highlight any song or style to be saved to the new list.

5 Press "Add to List" to add the song to your custom list.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until your list is finished.

7. Return to the list edit tab. You can now change the list order by using the move up and down arrows and delete any song you may not want.

8. When you list is complete press the "Write" button bottom right corner of screen. The screen will allow you to name your list by touching the "T" new list name and using the typewriter keys. When finised touch OK and you are done. Your list will appear under the custom list tab..

Be sure and watch the video tutorial below for more help

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